Bulletin Board Postings as of  1/21/2024

The Winterset Community email address is  Winterset119HOA@gmail.com

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The Winterset HOA monthly payment for 2024 will remain $74.74.

                            See the Community FAQs webpage for more information. 

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The Prince Georges County Police remind us to remain vigilant and cognizant your our
surroundings at all times. Here are a few tips for your safety.

        1. While shopping always keep track of your belongings. Packages and pocketbooks are
                prime targets for thieves.
        2. When at a gas station, remember to always lock your car doors at all times.
        3. Place all packages and personal items in the trunk, or out of site, when away from your
        4. Remember the rule "See something, Say something". Always report any suspicious or
                unsavory activity to the authorities.
        5. Always try to park in well lighted areas of parking lots, garage structures or other
                parking facilities.
        6. Do not use any type of hand held device(s) while driving. It compromises your full
                attention to operate the vehicle. 
        7. Always keep car doors locked while driving. 
        8. Beware of credit card skimmers at ATMs or other places of business where you use credit
        9. Remember, cars, money, jewelry and other personal property CAN be replaced .....
                human life CANNOT!
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Note: All residents are encouraged to register on CINC Systems, LLC. Contact Quiza Mgmt for
further details. This will be used by Quiza for community correspondence.