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                    Community Issues and Concerns

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School Bus Safety                         Solicitation                                Speeding  

Thefts                                            Trees                                         Unattended Vehicles

Please e-mail the Board of Directors at Winterset119hoa@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments regarding
any of these topics or any other topics that could be mentioned here.



Loud Music or Noise

1. Several incidents of loud music from passing vehicles has been reported to the Board of Directors. Please respect
others by keeping the volume of your car stereo to a minimum (day or night) while within the community. Please remind
your friends and visitors of this issue also.

2. Loud music from homes in the community can also impede on the quiet and serene atmosphere of Winterset. Please
be respectful of others desire for peace and quiet. Especially at night.

Prince George's County code subtitle 19. Pollution, Division 2. Noise Control, section 19-126 states:

Sec. 19-126.  Noise in a residential area.

(a)   No person, who has been ordered by a police officer to cease using, operating, or permitting to be played or operated
any radio, television set, tape or disk recorder, phonograph, musical instrument, or any other machine, equipment, or tool
which produces or reproduces any sound or noise which is audible more than fifty (50) feet from the source of the sound or
noise, shall continue to use, operate, or permit to play or operate the device causing the sound or noise.

(b)  This Section shall apply only to a sound or noise, which is audible in a residential area between the hours of 9:00 P.M.
and 7:00
A.M. of the next day.  Residential area is an area located within a residential zone listed in Section 27-109(a)(1)
of this Code.

Note: This also applies to contractor work such as external home repairs, lawn mowing and other such noises.



Mini Bikes

Thanks to all the households that own mini bikes.  Over the last several months, no mini bikes have been seen or heard
riding through the streets of Winterset.

Thanks for compiling with Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson amendments to the County Code that
require the registration of Off-Road Vehicles. It also states requirements as to where and when the vehicles can be

The amendments to the Prince George's County Code, Subtitle 26, Vehicles and Traffic, Division 19, took effect on
April 1, 2005, and require the following vehicles to be licensed and registered:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles;
  • Off-Road Vehicles;
  • Miniature Scooters;
  • Miniature Motorcycles (pocket bikes); and
  • Off-Road Motorcycles (dirt bikes).




Please be mindful when parking your car at the curb. In all cases you should park close to the curb and in the proper
flow of traffic. The Prince George's County Police Department issues citations for "Parking in the opposite flow of
". The citations are $50.00 or more.

The Police Department also issues citations for "Parking on the sidewalk". We have noticed instances of these parking
infractions in Winterset. When parking your cars on your driveway and it straddles over or on the sidewalk, it violates
county parking ordinances.  These violations have been cited in other communities.  We donít want any of our residents
to be caught in the wrong, so we ask that you be very cognizant of this when parking your vehicle on your driveway.



Pet Owners

Pet owners are reminded to have your pet (specifically dogs) on a leash at all times while outside the home. Also, please
clean up any droppings caused by your animal. All residents are entitled to a safe and germ-free environment.

If anyone notices, or is approached by a stray animal (of any kind). Please notify the Prince George's County Animal
Services Division at 301-780-7200.

The Animal Services Division (ASD) responds to the following calls or complaints:

  • Injured animals
  • Sick animals
  • Vicious animals
  • Trapped animals
  • Cruelty complaints
  • Dead animals
  • Nuisance animals or animals running at large

To read more about the ASD field services, (click here).



School Bus Safety

1. Several residents have been observed going around school buses that are stopped, while loading/unloading our kids.
If you come upon a school bus, please allow the school bus time to load/unload the kids safely. It is against the law to
proceed around a school bus that is in the process of loading/unloading.  Even if the school bus driver forgets to turn on
the flashing lights, please have patience.

2. Some of our younger elementary school aged kids are standing at some of the school bus stops, by themselves. Please
use every precaution to ensure the safety of our kids by providing adult supervision. The presence of an adult, could
greatly deter any wrong doing by any older students, or any other unknown individuals who may be observing the kids
from afar.

3. The (evening) school bus stop at Foyette Lane & New Kent Drive, is unloading the student at a point that impedes on
one of our neighbors lawn. Please remind your kids to be mindful of the property of other residents.

4. Please remind your students not to carry or drop bottles, cans, paper or other food related items at their bus stop(s).
Please urge them to participate in keeping our neighborhood free of trash and debris.

5. If you observe a school bus speeding or acting erratically, you should report the incident to the Prince George's County
Public Schools Transportation Department at 301-952-6570. Before calling, please make a note of the date, time &
location of the incident.  Most importantly, you'll need to note the bus' number (not the route number), but the physical
of the bus.  Then, and only then can the Transportation Department match the bus with the bus lot it operates
from and notify the foreman at that specific lot. You can also (click here) for more information.




Solicitation is not permitted in Winterset.  There is a NEW sign posted at the front entrance that prohibits solicitation. If a
solicitor should knock on your door, please remind them of this fact and ask them to leave our community. Please note
the description of the person and /or vehicle (including tag number).  Solicitation can be used as a form of surveillance.
It can be used to get up close and personal with your home, and landscape (See Thefts below).

Solicitation is annoying and should be discouraged in our community.




Several individuals, some residents and some visitors of residents, have been observed speeding through the
neighborhood. The posted speed limit in Winterset is 25mph.  Although, 25mph is too fast for some of our more narrow
All drivers are strongly encouraged to obey the speed limit and "STOP" signs at all times.

The streets within the community are public roadways. The speed limit is enforced by P. G. County police. The police
should be contacted at 301.516.9777 if you notice a speeding vehicle within the community. The police will need to
know the street where the incident occurred, a description of the vehicle, the driver & license plate number.  A street
address of the home that the vehicle is frequenting, would also be helpful. This information should also be relayed to
the HOA Board and/or Quiza Management Inc.

In the spring and summer months, more and more people chose to enjoy the beautiful weather by getting out of the house.
Children enjoy riding on bicycles, scooters, skates, etc.  While others enjoy a good walk, or jog around the neighborhood.
Speeding through Winterset presents a problem for everyone of us.  Speeding
endangers the lives and well being of

The Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation has been contacted to seek preventative
measures to the problem. Winterset doesn't qualify for speed bumps and humps, because of the following reasons:

    1. There are not enough homes
    2. There is no thruway traffic.
    3. The low volume of traffic.
    4. There has been little or no accidents reported

The Prince George's County Police has offered to post a speed trailer on our main street, to make drivers aware of their
elevated speed. They are also willing to monitor traffic, from time to time, and stop the speeding vehicles and issue

The Board is willing to explore all avenues in addressing this problem. If any homeowner has constructive suggestions
on how to deal with this problem, please send your suggestions to Winterset119hoa@gmail.com.

Reducing your speed now, can prevent having to say "I'm Sorry" later.





A homeowner reported in mid October that their vehicle was stolen from the front of their house. The vehicle
was later recovered. The extent of the damage is unknown.

A homeowner reported in mid August that their vehicle was damaged by vandalism. The perpetrators were
scared away before the actual theft could occur. In addition, a second vehicle was vandalized at a neighboring
home. Everything in the vehicle's trunk was taken.

A homeowner reported in mid March that a neighbors vehicle had been vandalized. All four wheels were
removed from the vehicle.

A homeowner reported in late February that one of their vehicles was stolen from the front of their house. The
vehicle was later recovered with minimal damage.


A homeowner reported one morning in September that they noticed someone had tried to get the two rear
rims and tires off their car. The center caps had scratches and was partly pried up on both sides.

An incident of attempted vandalism was reported in September. A homeowner observed suspicious activity at
2am, when an unknown individual was going from driveway to driveway, carrying what appeared to be a
crowbar or some similar tool or device. The individual fled the scene after being noticed by the homeowner, in
a dark 4 door vehicle driven by another unknown individual.


Incidents of vandalism were reported. A homeowner's vehicle was vandalized during one night in June 2004.
The vehicle was parked on the driveway. All of the wheels were removed from the vehicle and it was left in the
driveway on bricks. No other items were taken.

Incidents of landscape thefts were reported in April 2004.  Someone or group of people stole the plants and
shrubs of our neighbors. The plants and shrubs that were stolen, had been planted in the ground for a year or
so.  Someone decided to dig up the plantings and haul them away.  The thefts occurred late at night. The
perpetrators knew the difference between ordinary and high quality items.  They also knew exactly which
homes had these types of plants. Which suggests some type of surveillance beforehand.

In addition, some residents have reported other items stolen, such as lawn mowers and lawn edgers.

The thefts or attempted thefts appear to be the work of outsiders.  Please be very mindful and aware of solicitors and
individuals passing thru our neighborhood, who are "just looking".

Also, if you are in your home and you hear any noises or sounds outside, that get your attention (day or night), please
check it out, by looking out of your window with caution. Whatever you see, or hear, could make a difference.

TIP 1: Leave your front porch lights on overnight as a deterrent.
TIP 2: Install motion detector lighting in areas around your home where appropriate..
TIP 3: Use any anti-theft device(s) on your vehicle that you have.  Even while at home.




Please remove the wooden stake supporters from the trees on your lot.  Any tree that can stand on it's own, should be
allowed to mature without the support of the stakes and wires.  The wire around the tree trunk, stunts the growth of the
tree and prevents vital nutrients and minerals from reaching the top part of the tree. 

Please treat the trees on the street, within your property easement, as your own.  These trees need proper care too. 
Routing, mulching and de-weeding are all a part of the tree's care. If the tree on the street, within your property easement
should die or need replacing, you will be responsible for the replacement.  Let's all take a proactive stance and take care
of our trees.



Unattended Vehicles

Do you know that it is illegal to start your vehicle and leave it running unattended for any reason. As the colder weather
approaches, more of us will be inclined to start our vehicles and go back inside as the vehicle warms, giving thieves the
best opportunity to steal our vehicles. And just think, the keys are already accessible to, not only our vehicles, but our
homes too. Most thieves are brazen enough to come in our driveways or even inside our garages. Let's not be the next

The law states it is illegal to "leave unattended vehicles without stopping engine, locking ignition, removing key and
setting brake".

In an effort to reduce the number of car thefts in Prince George's County, police conduct "Warm Up" patrols in the Fall
and Winter months. The fine is $70.00 + 1 point, for violations.