Development Activity Summary

   for the Westphalia/Winterset Portion of Councilmanic District 6

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1.      Christy Clagett Property (4-05142) (4-04194
Location 1:             Southeast side of Old Crain Highway approx. 500 feet north of intersection with #301
        Site:                        Approx. 62 acres
        Proposal:                Lots 20

        Location 2:             North side of #301 approx. 300 feet west of intersection with Old Crain Highway
        Site:                        Approx. 62 acres
        Proposal:                Lots 20

2.      Grasslyn Property (4-04053) (DSP-05116)  
Location:                Intersection of Brown Road and Ritchie Marlboro Road
Site:                        Approx. 60 acres
Proposal:                Lots 85

3.      Khan Properties - Gas Station (DSP-06006)    
Location:                13200 & 13150 Old Marlboro Pike (North side of Old Marlboro Pike, east of intersection
                              with Ritchie Marlboro Road
Site:                        Acreage unknown 
Proposal:                Lots unknown

4.      Marlboro Pointe  (4-04151) (DSP-05011)
Location:                4914 Ritchie Marlboro Road (next door to Winterset)
Site:                        Approx. 75 acres
Proposal:                Lots 108

5.      Marlboro Ridge  - a.k.a Village of Clagett Farm (CSP-03005) (4-04080) (DSP-05040)
                                (DSP-04088 Phase 1-A) (DSP-05035 Phase 1-B & 1-C)(DSP-05075 Phase 1-D)
Location:                Approx. 0.9 miles south of the intersection of Ritchie Marlboro Road and Westphalia Road.
Site:                       Approx. 588 acres
Proposal:                Recreational (equestrian complex) Planned community with 1,058 dwelling units (701 detached
                              single-family, 357 townhouses)

6.      Marlboro Riding  - a.k.a. Addison Property (4-03096) (SDP-04043)
Location:                Northwest quadrant of the intersection of Ritchie Marlboro Road and Old Marlboro Pike
                              (1 mile south of Winterset)
Site:                        Approx. 229 acres
Proposal:                Lots 297

7.      Marlborough Station (DSP-04039
Location:                West side of Old Marlboro Pike at Elm Street (near Post Office)
Site:                        Approx. 7.3 acres
Proposal:                Lots 19

8.  Smith Home Farm Property (SDP-0601) (SDP-0602) (SDP-0603) (SDP-0604) (CDP-0501)
Location:                South side of Westphalia Road (3,000 feet east of Pennsylvania Avenue)
Site:                        Approx. 727 acres
Proposal:                Mixed use (Residential/Business/Retail)

9. Willowbrook         (CDP-0505)
Location:                North side of Leeland Road  (Approx. 3,250 feet west of #301)
Site:                        Approx. 427 acres
Proposal:                Lots 818

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